Reliable Plumber Gustavsberg Toilet Bowl


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14 responses to “Reliable Plumber Gustavsberg Toilet Bowl”

  1. Celeste says:

    Need help to repair flush for my gustavsberg toilet bowl.

  2. Dan says:

    Do you have the part to replace the flush system

  3. Mickey says:

    hi can u able to repair Gustavsberg Toilet flushing unit?

  4. Chanjs says:

    Need help to repair gustavberg flushing system. M:97411513

  5. Murali says:

    I need to fix the flush as the current part is broken / not working. Can you call me at 97928017

  6. KC Ho says:

    Do u have the spares parts on the gustavberg flushing system. Current one going to damagae

  7. Chua CH says:

    Can I buy the flushing mechanism part plus the top rectangular push button shown in yr picture

  8. Sanjeev says:

    Hi, Need to repair the gustavberg flushing system, current one seems to malfunction some times.

  9. Chan says:

    Can advice how much to replace the flushing unit?

  10. Nancy Aw says:

    Hi, I need help to repair the Gustavberg flushing system. Do you have the flashing unit – do advise how much to repair? Thks.

  11. Baba says:

    Hi my gustavberg flush button/lever is broken. Can you fix this and how much please?

  12. Robert Dawson says:

    We have a broken stem on our Gustavberg flushing mechanism. Do you a replacement? Can you install?

  13. Esther says:

    Hi, keep on flushing water even through i have off the water pipe. “Flushing in small amount of water”.
    Please contact me 85881666

  14. KLim says:

    Hi there,
    My current Gustavsberg Toilet continues to have water continue dripping inside the toilet bowl, while it isnt being flushed.
    Can you advise on a repair with or without a replacement of a new Gustavsberg Toilet flushing unit as in your photograph shown and the cost likely incurred?

    at Wilkie Road.

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