Some Common Plumbing Issues and When to Hire a Professional Plumber

Smaller plumbing fixes are simple DIY matters. With simple tools, you can change the washer in a faucet or replace a flush handle.

On the other hand, there are times when you think handling a clogged drain or leak in your house is no big deal. But you need to know that even the slightest mistake can set everything off balance. Therefore, it is not wise to make plumbing repairs in your own hands, especially when you have no prior experience. As pipes and plumbing connections are quite complicated, it might add to the problem instead of fixing it.

The Common Plumbing Issues

Following are some common plumbing issues that a layperson should not try to fix on his own:

Worn or corroded valves

When water enters your house, it flows with high pressure to make it reach your taps. Over time, the valves of pipes can wear out and become corroded. If you come across a leak in a worn or corroded valve, it is not easy to repair it yourself. It requires specialized tools and more professional handling that you cannot manage.

The same goes for worn or corroded valve seats of your rubber or silicone washer inside your faucet. If you do not see any signs of wear or corrosion, replacing your washer is quite easy. However, you should not try to handle it if they are messed up. Instead, call a professional right away.

Sinks with ceramic plates

Well, all the sinks do not come with faucets that include washers. In older tubs, usually ceramic plates form a seal to stop the water when you turn off the tap. These are quite durable, and there are fewer chances of leaks as compared to a rubber washer.

However, repairing ceramic plates is quite complicated than replacing a washer. So if you do not find any washer in your faucet, going for a plumbing expert is the best option.

Low water pressure

Quite often, low water pressure problems arise due to the build-up of sediment in pipes and aerators. The water that enters your pipes brings along a lot of deposits and sediment along. This factor results in the accumulation of these deposits in the showerheads and aerators of faucets.

As you attempt regular plumbing maintenance of your house, make sure you clean your aerators and showerheads to remove mineral deposits. This cleaning eases the flow of water and results in high water pressure.

If you observe low water pressure even after cleaning aerators and removing deposits, know that there is a more significant issue. There might be some leak in the main pipes that do not let enough water reach your house. Over time, it can cause considerable damage to the infrastructure. As soon as you figure out that there’s a complicated reason behind low water pressure, go for licensed plumbers in Singapore to solve the issue.

Running Toilet

If you have a running toilet, you can experiment with several DIY things. Typically, a loosened or imbalanced flapper valve is the reason behind the running shower. The flapper is a rubber valve that lifts when you flush the toilet to let the water run in. With simple toilet repair kits, you can fix or replace the flapper valve.

However, if it still does not work, there might be problems with the fill tube and the inner apparatus of your toilet. In such cases, it is best to leave the job to professional plumbers in Singapore. They can tell if a running toilet can be fixed or needs a total replacement. It saves you time, cost, and water.

Leaky pipes

Leaky pipes might not be very complex to repair, but, these are undoubtedly the messy ones. After a regular inspection, you might come up with leaks in pipes somewhere in your house. Before you attempt to repair a boiler, it is essential to understand their joints and fixes. With no prior experience and plumbing skills, you will not want to mess up with pipes.

While you call a plumbing service and wait for the professional to arrive, there’s a way to repair pipe leaks temporarily. Get a compression clamp and leak tape to keep the water from spraying around.

Meanwhile, you can clean up space and wait for the professionals. There are several 24 hrs. Plumbing services available in Singapore. So, you need not worry or wait until morning.

Clogged Drains

When the water from your sink, toilet, or shower does not end up in the drain, there are high chances of a partial or completely clogged drain. Clogging prevents proper water flow into drain pipes. Usually, clogging happens when garbage or debris gets accumulated in the drain.

You can use commercial drain cleaners to clean the drains. However, if the same problem keeps occurring, it is time you go for a plumbing pro.

Professional plumbers use specialized tools and machines to dislodge a clog. Those tools come up with high air pressure to suck up all the debris.

After getting your drain fixed, you should install drain screens. These prevent debris from making its way into the drain. Also, it is easier to clean.

When Should You Hire a Professional?

When you are facing any of the plumbing mentioned above issues in your house or office, it is best to hire a professional plumbing service. Whether you need constructional plumbing services or want to get some repairs, SG plumbers are the best in town.

Call the plumbing experts in Singapore and get rid of all your problems. SG plumbers are licensed plumbers and offer cheap plumbing services to locals. Due to their expert handling of plumbing issues, no matter how complex, they are the best plumbers in Singapore.


As a final verdict, it is best to go for professionals to do plumbing repairs and replacements. It ensures the safety of your pipes, faucets, toilets, valves, and all the plumbing related components. It is better not to take matters like clogged drains, leaky pipes, running toilets, and corroded valves in your hand.

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