07 Jul. 15

Reliable Plumber How To Choose A Reliable and Efficient Plumber

If you can clear a choke using a plunger . Means you are a plumber ? 

If you can replace a tap, you are a plumber too? 

1) How many years of experience do they have ?

Many of them will say 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 years or even more . You may need to look at the company profile . A new set up company sometimes tells a lot already. You may also need to probe a little further on the company’s history. 

2) Business address and contact information printed on the invoice. 

These are extremely  important . You may need to call them back if the job needs follow up action. Each completed job needs to come with a warrenty. Contact information with both land line and mobile number are most appropriate. Business address needs to be an existing operating venue. It should not be just a mailing address. 

3) What type of material they use 

All materials used must be approved by PUB. Materials from in Italy may have two definition. It may be designed in Italy and made in some other countries or it’s purely made in Italy. 

4) 24 hours services 

Most of the plumbers will quote they operate 24 /7 . Well unless they have a group of phone operators managing the system, if not it will be challenging to standby at night till dawn just waiting for calls to come in. How can they resist their attraction to their bed? We all know.

With this checklist, it’s time for you to identify the right plumber. Hope these simple pointers will provide an insight informations of what to expect from a plumber. You need to manage your own expectation.