9 Tips for Finding an Affordable Plumber in Singapore


If you have a plumbing issue in Singapore, you need to ensure that you end up with a qualified and affordable plumber. For small plumbing needs such as fixing a leaky toilet, you can opt for a local plumber; however, you need to be more careful when choosing a plumber for tougher problems like clogged drains, rusted pipes, and leaking heating systems.

It is even more important to pick a reliable plumbing contractor when you’re remodeling your current house or constructing a new one in Singapore; this will save you from new plumbing issues coming up every day.


9 Tips for Finding an Affordable Plumber

Although finding a cheap and professional plumber in Singapore can be tricky, we have compiled the following tips to ease your decision-making process:

1.      Ask for License and Certifications

Only the licensed plumbers in Singapore are trustworthy; therefore, the first thing you should do is ask for their license and certifications. You can visit the licensing board to find out if the plumber really does hold a license. A valid license ensures that your plumber is qualified enough to handle your problems.

2.      Look into Reviews and Testimonials

People who hire a company usually write reviews and give testimonials on its website. You can find out information about their quality of work simply by looking into the reviews and testimonials; this helps you list down your potential plumbers.

However, we would also not recommend solely relying on reviews, as they are often paid for.

3.      Ask for Recommendations

An easy way to find reputable plumbers in Singapore is by asking your friends or neighbors for recommendations; this is better than calling and hiring the first plumber that you come across on the internet. You will be able to find a plumber immediately and get your plumbing issue resolved in less time than if you tried finding one yourself.

4.      Look Into the Plumbing Services They Provide

Not all plumbers in Singapore provide services related to all types of plumbing fixtures and repairs. Plumbers are often particular in the services they offer, as they may specialize in different areas. Before you call or visit a plumbing company, look into the plumbing services they provide; this way, you can easily determine whether their services meet your needs.

Finding out their services provided beforehand is especially important if you own a commercial business. Since businesses usually have plumbing contracts, it must cover all plumbing services; otherwise, you will have to keep looking for an additional plumber every other day.

5.      Know About Their Experience and Expertise

You should prefer plumbers who have been in the business for a long time, so you can be sure to end up with a plumber who has enough experience and expertise. Don’t hesitate to inquire about a plumber’s experience with a particular problem before starting the hiring process. Ask about the problems they came across and if they were able to tackle those problems effectively.

Asking these questions will add to your satisfaction and help you figure out whether you should hire a particular plumber.

6.      Ask for References

If a plumbing service or a contractor tells you that they have had plenty of experience in the field and have a number of other projects going on, ask for references. This is particularly important for when you need large-scale or long-term plumbing services, like for a renovation or construction.

Visiting referenced sites and looking into previous projects will reassure you about the reliability and professionalism of the plumbing service. If you wish, you can ask previous clients about how their experience was.

7.      Consider Location and Timing

Not all plumbing companies offer their services 24/7 in Singapore. What if your water heater stops working in the middle of the night? It is best to go for a 24/7 plumber who’ll show up to your address no matter what the time is.

For immediate assistance, choose a plumber that you share geographical proximity with. Look for the most reputed one in your surroundings; calling one who is based in the other corner of the city might take a lot of time every time. It will also be challenging for him to keep a follow-up routine. Location and working hours are also important if you wish to pay the plumber’s office a visit.

8.      Check Out the Prices

Price is the most essential factor you need to consider when hiring a plumber. As there are no state-set rates for plumbing services, it is completely up to the plumbers to set a price for their services. While some are quite affordable, others can be a burden on your pocket.

If you are looking for a professional plumber for regular maintenance, the cost becomes even more important. Although you should opt for maintenance every two to four months, its cost should not take up a big part of your monthly income.

There are several affordable plumbers in Singapore that charge you according to the services provided. You should compare the service prices of 2 to 3 plumbers so you can choose the best and most affordable one.

9.      Ask About the Warranty

Most professional plumbers in Singapore offer a warranty over their work. They are able to give you a guarantee that the service they provide and the materials they use won’t disappoint you for years to come.

To get a warranty, you should choose a company that offers worker’s compensation and liability insurance; this way, you won’t be responsible if something goes wrong. The company will take care of the issue, if one comes up.


Final Thoughts

Finding a reliable plumber is not difficult if you know which important factors you should consider and what questions you should ask. There are many companies that offer affordable plumbing services; however, take note that going for a cheaper plumber is a good thing only if it comes with quality. You will definitely not want to spend good money on the same issue again and again.

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