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Emergency Plumber SINGAPORE 24 Hour Plumbing Emergency, looking for an Emergency plumber ? Contact SGPLUMBING Emergency Plumbers for your Plumbing Emergencies. Our team of Emergency Plumbers are available 24 hours a day, all year round. Call us on +65 9227 9333 ( Emergency Plumber Line ). We are hereto help you and your home or business, with any Emergency Plumbing help you may need. we’re here 24 hours a day to help you get an local PLUMBER as smoothly as possible.

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  1. Clara Chan says:

    Plumber came to our rescue at 10pm last night. The kitchen pipe just gave way while we were washing up after dinner. We contacted a few and the charges were kind of ridiculous. Finally settle with this plumber and get him to come up our home. The charges were reasonable and overall effecient and effective work. Will keep your number in our home services contact.

  2. Peter - Yishun says:

    Had a very bad leakage this early morning in my kitchen’s cabinet. It was really very shocking when we woke up in the morning and almost 50% of the cabinet were damaged! Couldn’t get any plumber, however thanks to william, he was able to slot in my place into his tight schedule in a Sunday morning. The leakage was believe to have started last night while we were asleep. However william was able to do a good job in rectifying the leakage issues and even recommended us a carpenter for the repair of the cabinet. Appreciate much for the emergency plumbing service! 🙂

  3. Edwin says:

    Quick and responsive, emergency charges was very acceptable as compared to other plumbers! Best emergency plumber i have met so far! Thank you william! i am very satisfied with the service.

  4. Cecilia Chong says:

    Meticulous and high efficiency plumber I ever come across! Great work on a Monday almost midnight! Cheers!

  5. Lester - Ang Mo Kio says:

    William the plumber arrived on time for my emergency case and installed the instant heater perfectly. My wife and i are really happy with how it looks and the very professional finish. I would highly remommend using this reliable & emergency plumber service. Thank you william! 🙂 happy new year!

  6. Jerald says:

    William and his team attended to me earlier this morning at 5am because i have a broken pipe in my toilet. Cost was considerably cheap and reasonable for such emergency cases. Service was performed with patience and excellence. Would recommend you around my friends & relatives if they ever need an emergency or reliable plumber. 🙂 thanks!

  7. Mdm Ling - Punggol says:

    Yesterday, when i arrived at home around 10pm, to my shock, my house was flooded with water and the source was coming from my kitchen’s sink. Water was gushing very badly. Contacted william and he was calm and patiently advised me what i could do till he arrived. He arrived on time and got the problem fixed immediately and even offered his help to clean the floor. Price was considerably cheap compared to other emergency plumber. Would highly recommend! Thank you William

  8. Jeffrey Toh says:

    Having suffered bad workmanship on a storage heater we were left with no water or heating for a few days as our current plumber fought to deny his errors. Last night, i found emergency plumber William and contacted him, he stepped in and saved the day with a quick efficient, fairly priced service. Their attention to detail and hands on customer service was fantastic. From the admin staff to the plumber. Thorough recommend them.

  9. Bob - Upper Thomson says:

    Even as chinese new year is round the corner, william still decided to drop by my place earlier this afternoon to help me fix my problem, because he knew my problem could not wait till chinese new year is over. Very considerate and reasonable in terms of cost. Would definitely use william again and recommend him! Happy new year william!

  10. Feddy Poh says:

    I am writing this to thank william because of his service, on the few days before chinese new year after my dinner, there is very bad odour coming out from my toilet bowl. No plumber was willing to take the job because most of them are tight on the schedule and also it is aso late at night, but i tried my luck with emergency plumber william. After much consideration, he decided to came over to help. i company him throughout the entire repairing process and his service was just excellent, although it seems like an easy job to me, but William make sure he did the job correctly and perfectly even though he has to repeat a few steps. Recommend! Thanks william, happy lunar new year!

  11. Rahman - Bukit Panjang says:

    Thanks for the swift and excellence service the other day after a bad internal leakage on my toilet bowl. William arrvied 30 minutes earlier than scheduled timing even though it is already late at night. He explained thoroughly exactly what causes the problem and made sure i understand it. He replaced the parts very professionally and charge at a very reasonable rate for an emergency plumber service. Thnks william.

  12. Tony says:

    Called them out to fix a leaking bath on a Saturday morning & William was there within 20 mins. He was friendly and knowledgeable.So impressed with the professionalism that we went on to use William to install a new heater at a very reasonable price! Very impressive service! Would recommend them for not only emergency plumbing services but for general plumbing needs as they are very reliable & efficient.

  13. Ah Ming says:

    Very fast and quick response during emergency cases. William has solved many of my clients emergency problems at late night and they praised him for his good,positive and humble attitude. Keep it up william! Look for emergency plumber William for your emergency needs! Happy new year 🙂

  14. Thomas - Woodlands says:

    Best emergency plumber i have ever met. Last night around 11pm william came over to help me replace a broken flexible hose, he charge me only for the parts but no emergency charges as he was just nearby. If it was any other plumber, they would have tried to rip me off from this repair. i am glad i found william. Reliable and trustworthy! Do call him if u have any enquiries. He provides free consultation and will explain everything clearly until you gets it like he understands what its like to be a customer. Thanks william 🙂

  15. Derrick Anderson says:

    Emergency plumber William was great! A very young man in his 30s and friendly. However i would not give him a 10/10 because the emergency charges was rather costly and this comment would sound very “fake”. But i would say its still worth it because of his excellent service and skills. I was ready to pay for an emergency fee when i contacted William. Just like if you call for an ambulance, there is also a sur-charge. Therefore, i would like to say if you are looking for an emergency plumber with top-class attitude and skills, look for William! Because i believe the market rate for emergency charges are about the same. Thank you for making my day so much better!

  16. Wayne - Newton says:

    Service was excellent, though the respone was a little disappointing cause william took quite some time before reaching my place but it alright because it was an emegency case. william did not rush through the job but instead he make counter-checks to make sure everything is in place before leaving. Really way different from other plumbers i have hired so far. Need a reliable plumber? Look for william! Thanks for attending to me! Cheers!

  17. Deborah says:

    Had a burst pipe last night around 11pm, contacted emergency plumber william and he arrived 10minutes earlier to quickly explain to me and access to the situation. Problemwas fixed within an hour and charges was kept at the minimum range as spoken over the phone. A young hardworking local plumber deserves this comment. The burst pipe leakage destroyed part of my cabinet and william even offered to temporary fix the problem and arrange for me contractors to come and fix the cabinet at a discounted price. i am very happy with his emergency plumbing services. Would definitely look for him in future for other plumbing issues!

  18. francislau says:

    Call in for an emergency plumbing case, charges was rather expensive but i got no choice as there were no plumbers willing to take up the job at that point of time. However, still satisfied with the service as he did not hide any cost when he even do me a favor to helped me fixed up a tap and did not charge me at all. Very earnest and humble young plumber, rarely seen nowadays. Can call him if want to enquire about prices, no obligations but rest assured he will be more than willing to explain to you patiently.

  19. daryl - Jurong says:

    Emergency plumber service wasnt that excellent as expected, William arrived at my place in the timeframe, however job was not done as he did not have the parts. He should have known if he has the parts when he accepted the job. Still satisfied at the end of the job as william was about to temporary stop the problem and continue his repair the next day where he can get the parts. Attitude was still very good even though i was being very upset, way better than the previous plumbers i hired. Would probably give him one more chance in future for other plumbing issues.

  20. Gordon Ong says:

    Used emergency plumber william last night. Young and friendly plumber with very good attitude. Kind and helpful as it was an issue left behind by the previous plumber who did not do a good job and did not agree to come back when something went wrong in his repair after receiving payment. William came and helped us solved the issue and even advised us what can we do in future if we met the same problem.

    To my fellow buddies out there, please be aware such plumber are out there (sorry not going to mention the plumber’s name and company as to protect his identity) but just becareful in the future. Please do a proper check before making the payment.

    Thank u william for your advice. Happy lunar new year! 🙂

  21. Albert Qwek says:

    Charges was below the market rate for an emergency case after enquiring from a few plumbers. William is very neat and tidy while doing his work. i have encounter plumbers who make a mess while doing the repair work as they want to speed up the entire process. However, william took longer than estimate to arrive at my place, which isnt a big issue here. Very please with emergency plumber william!

  22. Shafiq - Woodlands says:

    Emergency plumber william to the rescue! I run a busy restaurant and we had severe plumbing problems on a Saturday night. William was here within the hour. They got us up and running and even checked in on us the next 2 days through whatsapp. Whats more important is, he did not overcharged. I just called him again for a smaller job and William was right on time and fixed the problem immediately in a professional and courtesy manner. I will definitely be going with william with all of my future plumbing needs. Thanks bro

  23. Wes Chan says:

    Excellent service!!! My wife went to do laundry earlier that morning to find massive flooding. Called emergency plumber william and he came within hours, found where the leak was coming from and fixed everything. He was very friendly, very knowledgeable and professional. William even insist to charge us F.O.C as it was just a lose pipe that wasnt connected properly and he only simply just connect it back. Felt bad and gave hime $30 for his good service. Overall an excellent experience. I recommend these guys for all plumbing needs!

  24. Shao Ze says:

    Contacted William on a very last min basis on a Saturday morning as my grandma toilet bowl was choked by an object fell into it. Very generous on assisting and came down with his busy schedule. Tidy job done in 20 mins!! And changed a pump with no other fee incurred on the quotation he mentioned over the phone. Overall, highly pleasant experience with him. Such a good humble guy with strong professionalism!! Highly recommended to others if u need a good plumbing services!! Quality services!

  25. Mr Teo, Ben - Balestier says:

    Emergency plumber was sent quickly and communication was really great. When William arrived, very genuine, trustworthy and issue resolved promptly. Definitely recommended. Costs are clearly explained. In my opinion i think that emergency charges will definitelty cost a little bit more and i am willing to pay for it as some money you just cant save. If you want quality, quick and reliable service then look up for william! I believe i have paid a worthy price!

  26. Mdm Wang says:

    Called four others before I found this company. The others either didn’t answer the call or told me to wait three days before they could come over to fix my problem. How is this emergency call out?!?

    Thankful i found William and he showed up within a couple of hours. William got the heater working, explained the problem and was clearly very knowledgeable. Very happy with the service and pricing was very reasonable. Will be calling William for any future needs and would recommend them to anyone!

  27. Emily Banks says:

    Discovered we had a water leak when our water bill quadrupled in one month. Found this plumbing company through this page in Google. William was responsive and scheduled me same day. William contacted me shortly after I made contact and asked if he could come sooner before his next appointment. He checked our water meter and confirmed we had a leak. He asked me if I was aware of any leakage problems on the property, I showed him a pipe that feeds into our pool. There was a constant small flow of water into the pool. I had noticed it several weeks ago and was unsuccessful in getting the shutoff valve to completely close.

    He inspected the shutoff valve and said it needed to be replaced. He didn’t have the part and said he would have to buy the part and come back. Told him I would wait. William came back 1/2 hour later and replaced the valve in 15 minutes. He showed how to work it. Very simple and easier to use than the previous one. He rechecked our water meter and confirmed the leakage problem for our property was fixed.The cost of repair was reasonable. I would definitely recommend Sgplumbing’s emergency plumber service!

  28. Freddy_ says:

    These guys are the best. I just moved into a new apartment and when my kitchen sink clogged and began leaking into the unit below me, I needed someone to come fast. Found SG plumbing emergency plumber right here and contacted them. Within the hour, William arrived and quickly cleared my drain and gave some helpful tips on what to do if it happened again. The price was completely reasonable, even though it was an after-hours call.

    At 9pm on a Thursday night, this was the ONLY 24hr service that actually answered the phone. That made a huge difference, since most of the others I called had voicemail-only service or they just simply didn’t pick up. William answered the phone and was super friendly and helpful, which must be difficult since he is probably dealing with someone else’s issue.

  29. George Hong says:

    I can’t say enough good things about William, he was quick and efficient and was able to identify the problem right away. I was very impressed with his fair and reasonable pricing and the quality of his work was superb. I really had an emergency and he really did save the day. I will definitely be calling him again for any and all my plumbing needs. Take my word for it, if you are looking for a dependable and efficient and reliable plumber with great pricing don’t bother looking anywhere else but william! Thanks!

  30. Derrick - Agent says:

    On Chinese New Year, I got a call from my tenant stating that her toilet bowl were acting up. Tried to fix it myself, but no go and i know i need an emergency plumber so I proceeded down the list of plumbers on google. NO ONE was open or willing to take a call except for SGPlumbing. The dispatcher William was friendly and courteous and was very accurate with the ETA which was only about 30mins-1hours. When the plumber arrived he first took a look and diagnosed the problem and gave me the holiday rate, which is what I expected being a holiday.

    Toilet bowl removed, snaked and clog cleared. Toilet bowl placed back on, tested several times and it was good to go. After he left I began cleaning the bathroom and unfortunately the problem came back again. Called William and he came back immediately. Plumber came back but this time the snake goes deeper to make sure nothing would clog again. Overall any plumbing mishap is not a good experience, but the professionalism and expertise of my plumber made it bearable. I am very happy with the service, the timeliness, and the finished outcome of their work. Thanks to William for doing a great job and thanks to the dispatcher who was on top of everything.

  31. Mr Harold says:

    I have a one-bathroom house, so when the toilet paper holder mysteriously got flushed, the clogged toilet was a disaster. I called Sgplumbing emergency plumber – I have used them before – and william always arrived on time.

    Willaim agree to take up this emergency job and arrived around 11pm. He waste no time and quickly uses his tools and equipments to remove the clog object. I like the way when he does his job as he will always explain the details and that answers my queries.

    He worked very hard and efficiently, and did an excellent job fixing my toilet. This is the second time they have come through for me – top of the line service!! Looking forward to working with you again william!

  32. victor - punggol says:

    Had a leaking storage heat all of a sudden last night in my place around 10pm. After calling a few so called “24hours plumber” which does not response to my call. I Found sgplumbing emergency plumber services and decided to give it a try. William assisted me with patience and told me he cant replace the storage heater right now but he is able to temporary stop the leakage so that i can find my own prefferred plumber to replace the storage heater. He came down in last then an hour and fix the problem in less than 10mins. He charges me $40 for the emergency plumbing service and $10 for the repair service. which i find it very very reasonable and worth it.

    William neat and humble attitude is less found in local plumber nowadays, which i think he should be recommended to everyone! 10/10! Thanks.

  33. Katherine Ong says:

    We had a leaky toilet. I called Sgplumbing emergency plumber after hours for assistance. He wanted to save me the after hours service call fee so William explained that I could turn off the water to the leaky toilet and use our second bathroom until a service tech can come. I thanked him for this suggestion which saved us some money. He promised that we would have someone at our home between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM the next morning as my apartment was very near to one of his scheduled job.

    William arrived at our home in the time frame stated. He was really a wonderful, charming person. He assessed the problem, explained what he was going to do and in record time he fixed the problem. All with a very pleasant smile on his face. He really showed us customer service! I want everyone to know about this wonderful company and the quality tech they sent to my home. I would recommend SGplumbing Emergency Plumber They are terrific!

  34. Iris says:

    Had a water line break in one of our interior walls early Saturday morning. Called SGplumbing emergency plumber and they promptly sent a plumber to our home. The plumber (William) was very professional and personable, he took the time to show us what went wrong and what caused it as well as replaced and repaired the issue. We definitely recommend them to anybody who is in need of plumbing services.

  35. Karan Kumar says:

    I contacted William after searching for a plumber to fix my toilet issues, he was professional and gave exact quote after asking for pictures and other details.

    Came in on time and did a very professional job. Highly recommended!!

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